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Adding an Echo360 video to Blackboard

This article will demonstrate how to add an Echo360 video to a Blackboard course.

You have two options when adding Echo content to a Blackboard course.

  1. You can link directly to a specific video/lecture
  2. You can link to the videos/lecture for an entire block

For Phase I recorded lectures you will find a link to all the lectures for that block.

Phase II narrated presentations link directly to the individual lecture.

  1. Navigate to the content area in Blackboard where you would like to add the Echo360 video.
  2. Making sure Edit Mode is turned on.
  3. From the Tools menu, select Echo360Cloud. This will take you to the Create Echo360 Cloud page.

  1. Give the recording a Name (this is what students will click on to access the recorded lecture). It makes sense to use the lecture title here.
  2. Add a description explaining what the content covers.

  1. Click Submit. The link should now appear (with the given name) in the content area.

Linking to a Echo360 video

  1. Click on the Echo tool link you have just created. This is where you can link to a specific lecture or the lectures for an entire block/module of study.

  1. Select the Course, Term and Section from the drop-down menu that the lecture is associated with.

  1. You can now either Link to the Section Home (all lecture recordings for an entire block) or Link to a Classroom (a specific lecture). If you select link to classroom, a list of lectures (video recordings) will appear for you to pick from.
  2. Click Link Content to finish the process.

You must be an instructor in the Echo course in order to link to a specific recording

Updated on 16/11/2022

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