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Creating SignUp lists in Blackboard

This article will explain how to create a SignUp List within a Blackboard Content Area as either a stand-alone list or associated with a group. SignUp Lists are often used for clinics or Master Classes.

When creating a SignUp List, you can specify the maximum number of students permitted to join the main and reserve lists. They can also set permissions to enable student self-enrolment and withdrawal from a particular SignUp list.

  1. Navigate to the Content Area where you want the link to the list to appear.
  2. Select Build Content >  Single SignUp List

  1. Give the list a descriptive name, making sure that it is unique to this course, and provide more context in the text field.

  1. Now specify a start and end date sign up period within which students can join or withdraw from the SignUp List.

  1. List Settings — allows you specify how many people can signup and how many can be added to a reserve list. You can allow participants to remove themselves from a SignUp Lists within the Options.
    • Show names on the list applies to the student’s view of this list. If it is ticked, they see everyone else on the list. If it is un-ticked, they will only see their own.
    • You can also allow the students to from the list, and the reserve list.

  1. Groups — you can choose three Blackboard Group options for your SignUp List.
    • Populate an existing group from the SignUp List.
    • Create a new Group and populate that from the SignUp List.
    • Create the SignUp List on its own, not linked to a Group.

SignUp sheets with no link to a group (None) is the most common option at HYMS.

  1. Options — you can manage the visibility of the SignUp list and Track Numbers of Views here.
  2. Click Submit to create the SignUp List.
Updated on 05/14/2020

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